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Connect to a smart TV

TVs nowadays are smart and capable of streaming media as well as presenting websites on a built in browser inside the TV.

The exact instructions depends on the smart TV model you have, but here are two popular ways to open the Photo Wall on your TV:

Option #1: Using the built-in internet browser

Most smart TVs have a built-in internet browser app. Simply go to the browser app on your TV (ideally Chrome, if you have it installed), and type the link of your Photo Wall (the link can be found in the dashboard). Press enter to navigate to the link, and you should see the Photo Wall on the screen.

Please note, that some older smart TVs can display the Photo Wall incorrectly (too large or a bit off). If that’s the case in your TV, consider trying other options than this one.

Option #2: Using Remote Cast

Most smart TVs have built-in cast capabilities that allow you to stream your browser on your computer into the TV. If that’s the case, follow the guide using Chrome Cast to do that.