Live Photo Wall for Conferences & Public Events.

Kululu is a digital Photo Wall that update in real-time with every photo & video you and your attendees share during the event.

It's free and takes ~2 minutes
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Why using Kululu in your conference?

That's your chance to create a unique experience for you & your attendees, generate value for your company and get your brand out loud!
Increase your branding & visibility
Stand out from the crowd! Display your Photo Wall on projectors, TVs or wherever you like. Customize it to feet your brand - logos, colors, backgrounds, etc. Feature yourself and/or sponsors and partners. Make it yours!
Engage with your audience
Let your attendees to take part of the event. Allow them to share photos they have taken and feature on the big screen. Let them be the star for a moment, and in return, win their love and support.
Go viral on social media
Attendees can easily share on social media any photo or video uploaded by you (or your professional photographer), live, during the event. Take advantage of the momentum and expand your presence into the digital world.
Get User Generate Content (UGC) 
Leverage the opportunity to get real-life authentic pictures of your customers around your brand/product. Use it on your social media and marketing efforts to drive more sales and credibility among your customers.

Interactive Live Photo Wall

Create a live Photo Wall that updates in real-time with every photo or video added by you, your guests or professional photographer. Easily share it on projectors, TVs, tablets or wherever you like - it's simply a web link which runs on any device with a web browser (Chrome/Safari etc.).
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Frictionless Experience For Guests & Attendees

Guests can easily take part of the event by scanning the unique QR code presented on the Live Photo Wall or just enter the link directly. Display the QR/link anywhere you want (TVs, projectors or event print it). No special apps required from your guests to participate!
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You're always in control.

With a powerful yet simple dashboard, moderation tools and settings - you’re always up to everything. Anywhere. Anytime.

What makes Kululu awesome for conferences? 🦄

No Apps Required
Neither you or your guests need to waste time on downloads. Just enter the link or scan the QR and let the magic happens.
Captions Support
Guests can add a caption to a photo/video to make things even more fun, interactive and personalized.
Moderation Tools
Your photos are privately yours. No one else can view or access your photos besides the people you share it with.
Digital Album
Everything is saved in a stunning digital album and can be easily shared on social or whoever you want.
Branding & Design
Add logos, change backgrounds, colors and more to brand your conference to reflect your own branding.
Private & Secured
We run everything under Google Cloud Platform and enjoy the security and stability of Google.

Helping Event Organizers Around The 🌍

Companies & event organizers around the world that enjoy using Kululu.
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EYA's Company Event
🇹🇼 Taiwan
We used Kululu for our annual company event and our guests and employees had such a fun being starred on the Photo Wall! The setup was a breeze. We displayed the QR on all TVs and projectors in the venue. We'll definitely use it on our next company event.
qr code for wedding pictures - example 2
RetroMobile's Expo Event
🇺🇸 United States
Every year we run our Retro Mobile Expo with over 1000 attendees. This year we decided to try to add some novelty to our event and found Kululu as the right tool for this task. Guests really enjoyed sharing their photos, which was very useful for us in terms of marketing and user-generated-content we could promote on our social pages. Moreover, the live photo wall really adds to the "good vibes" and other decorations we had on our event. I'd recommend Kululu for any kind of event!
CinémaNow's Conference
🇫🇷 France
Using Kululu was a real success on our cinema event. We used our photographer to upload photos to the album and it encourages guests to share it on the internet. This really helped us to get the word out on social media and expand our visibility and attract more attendees for the following days.
qr code for wedding pictures - example 2
Frequently Asked Questions
What do I need to make Kululu work on my event?

We made things extremely effortless, so setting up Kululu from start-to-finish shouldn't take more than a few minutes.

The Live Photo Wall is  simply a website link that can be opened on any device connected to the internet/WiFi. Display on TVs, projectors or where ever you like, so you and your attendees can comfortably see it during the event. Most venues nowadays have this set-up ready, so you just need to open your Photo Wall link on the connected device.

Once it's all set up, all left to do is scanning the QR presented (with your phone camera or favorite QR Scanner app) to upload new photos/videos or view the existing ones.

Do the attendees need to download an app to participate?

Nope, no apps needed. Unlike other event photo sharing apps, Kululu doesn't require this kind of effort from your or your guests.

All they need to do is scanning the QR code and follow the steps to upload their photos/videos or just view all the exiting uploads. You can also send a link to your Digital album beforehand so people can enter it directly (SMS, email, WhatsApp).

What if an inappropriate photo or video is shared?

Our system automatically detects inappropriate photos and videos using AI and Machine learning technology 🤖. Moreover, you can always delete any photo or video manually using your dashboard which can be accessed from any phone with your account.

In our experience (of 1000+ events), guests do behave and respect the event owners. However, if you're concerned of misbehaving of random people in the event, you can always turn on the moderation feature so every upload must be approved first (unless it comes from people you trust).

Can attendees share presented photos to social media?

Yes, and we made it easy for them to do that.

When your guests scan your QR code they land on your event's digital album. From there, they can easily find a photo or video they'd like to share on social or download to their own device.

Some conferences use their professional photographer to upload photos during the event, which makes guests' even more eager and excited to share their own photos live during the event on social.

Guests are blown away by the ability to get professional photos of themselves on the same day of the event, and you, in return, enjoy some more exposure on the digital world (Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram etc.). Win Win situation.

What if an inappropriate photo or video is shared?

Our system automatically detects most of the inappropriate photos and videos. Moreover, you can always delete any photo or video manually using your dashboard which can be accessed from any phone with your account. Having said that, it's not 100% bullet-proof.

If you are concerned of misbehaving of random people in the event or just want to be on the safe side, you can always turn on the moderation feature so every upload must be approved first (unless it comes from people you trust).

We also offer a dedicated agent (real human 🙋) who can run the moderation for you if needed. Contact us for more details.

Are my photos safe and secured?

We do our best and follow all security practices to make sure your account and photos are secured. All our infrastructure runs on Google Cloud Computing platform as we don't manage anything on our own servers, hence, we enjoy all the security measure done by Google.

I'm an event organizer / do many events - any plan for me?

Yes, we have plans dedicated for event organizers, professional photographers, agencies and people who manage several events (for their own purpose or on behalf of their clients). Please contact us in the chat bubble on the bottom right for more information.