Step 1:
Sign-up & create your event
Step 2:
Guests join with a link or QR scan
Step 3:
Enjoy all captured moments!

QR Code For Wedding Pictures That Capture Every Moment

Stop chasing after your wedding photos! Collect photos, videos, and wishes from guests in a digital album accessible via a QR code or link.

Guests Photos & Videos

Experience your wedding through your guests' eyes by collecting every photo and video they take!

Text Posts & Captions

Allow guests to share their warm wishes as decorated text posts or captions alongside their photos and videos.

Easy QR Code Access

Guests can easily join by entering the digital album link or scanning a QR code. No app downloads or registrations. We built this for non-techies.

Live Slideshow

Stream every upload made by your guests on a stunning slideshow that updates in real time. Display on TVs, projectors and more.

How does it work?

Hassle-free wedding photo sharing - for you and your guests.
Step 1:

Create your wedding album

Get a private digital album for guests to add photos, videos, and messages. Customize the title, date, colors, and backgrounds to make it your own!
QR code for wedding pictures
Step 2:

Share it with your guests

Your guests can easily add their photos and videos to your digital album by scanning the unique QR code or using the album URL - before, during and after your event!
Share as a link through email, SMS, chat apps etc.
Share as a QR code on printed cards and signs.
No app downloads. No registrations needed.
Step 3 (optional):

Display it all on a live slideshow

Ready to take your wedding photo sharing to the next level? Add to the party a live Photo Wall (slideshow) that updates in real-time with every photo and video added by you or your guests. Easily display it on projectors, TVs, tablets or wherever you like.
QR code for wedding pictures
❤️ Love
📣 Greetings
🎉 Party
💍 Cermony
Step 4:

Enjoy all captured moments

At any given moment you can view all the photos and videos captured by your guests in your own digital album. Revisit and cherish those unforgettable memories!
Every moment is captured in a stunning digital album.
Download everything as a zipped folder in a click.

More Than Just a QR Code For Wedding Pictures

Wedding guest photo sharing with a digital album, live slideshow, QR code templates and more - it's all done for you.
Digital Album
All photos and videos are automatically saved in a digital album for you to access at any time.
One-click Download
With just one click, you can download all photos to your device or cloud storage.
No Apps Required
Neither you nor your guests need to waste time on downloads to participate.
QR Code Templates
Get a unique QR code to print on cards and signs for guests to access your digital album easily.
Live Photo Wall
A live slideshow featuring photos and videos uploaded by you and your guests.
Create a personalized experience by customizing everything with your brand's colors and style.
Text & Captions
Guests can add decorated text posts or captions alongside their photos/videos.
Private & Secured
Your photos are private. Only you and those you share them with can access them.

Why Choose QR Code For Wedding Pictures?

QR code for wedding pictures captures every special moment, providing a simple, inclusive, and safe method to gather all your cherished wedding memories from guests.
Every Guest is a Photographer: Your photographer can't be everywhere - get an authentic, firsthand glimpse of your special day from every angle, crafted by your guests.
Guest-Friendly: Just a QR code scan away, no app downloads needed. Guests can effortlessly upload their snapshots to your customized wedding event page.
Maximize Memories, Minimize Costs: Leverage the collective power of your guests’ photo contributions to complement professional wedding photography, offering a cost-effective and comprehensive capture of your special day.
QR code for wedding pictures

We take wedding pictures


Don't settle for average on your big day! Pick a guestbook with QR code for wedding pictures that's easy and seamless to use, ensuring you get more photos on your wedding day.
😭  Fewer guest photos captured with alternatives
🥳  More guest photos captured with Kululu
Effortless and smooth experience
Beautifully designed digital albums
Real-time slideshow
Unlimited guests & participants
Extensive customization options
Get started for free -  pay only for extras
Other Solutions
Complex and tedious user interface
Dated design with a generic look
No live slideshow
Limited guests & participants
Limited options to make it your own
Upfront payment required to start

Don’t just take our word for it

We are honored to help thousands of couples worldwide to make their big day more memorable.
Rated 4.7 based on 100+ reviews. Read reviews
"Your photographer can’t be everywhere - this gave us so many angles and candid photos we wouldn’t have gotten (500+)! And no waiting to see it"
Stacy's Wedding
🇺🇸 United States
"We used it as our digital  guestbook with a QR code signs for our wedding and it was a success - we received so many heartfelt wishes from our friends and family!"
Lukas and Sophia
🇩🇪 Germany
"Kululu made our wedding an unforgettable experience! The photo slideshow was a hit among our guests, who loved being able to share their photos and videos."
Rushi's Wedding
🇸🇬 Singapore

Frequently asked questions

Still have questions? Chat with us on the chat bubble in the corner!
How do I create a QR for my wedding pictures?
Sign up and create an event on Kulu. After registering and setting up your wedding event, Kululu will automatically generate a unique QR code for your wedding, which guests can use to upload photos. Share it digitally or print it on signs at your event!
Can I print the QR code for wedding pictures?
Yes! Lots of couples do that. Print the QR and put on tables or on a sign in the entrance ("Scan Me!" kind of signs). Guests can then scan the QR code to upload photos to your digital album with ease.
Do guests need to download an app to participate?
Nope, no apps or account registration are needed.

Unlike other wedding photo sharing apps, Kululu doesn't require this kind of effort from your guests. Guests can easily participate by entering a URL or scanning the unique QR code we generated for you. From there, the upload process is straightforward.

It's so simple to use that even grandma can do it. No Joke.
Can I download all guests' photos & videos?
Yes! You are able to download each photo or video individually, or use a batch download to obtain all files in a zipped folder. Then, you have the freedom to save them on your own storage, print them, or utilize them in any way you see fit.
Are my photos private?
Your uploads are private and will only be shared with those you choose.
We do not use, own, or interact with your photos in any way. Your photos are solely yours.
We already have a photographer, should we use it?
Your photographer is undoubtedly going to capture amazing moments during your event, but it's impossible for them to be everywhere. Your guests can also take valuable photos that give you an opportunity to see an authentic side of your event, captured by your friends and family.

Additionally, your photographer can upload the photos they take during the event, which will also appear on the photo wall/digital guestbook. How cool is that?

Although not intended as a substitute for a professional photographer, some couples have found Kululu to be a budget-friendly alternative for their event.
Does this work anywhere in the world?
Yes, our app works globally. All your guests need is an internet connection.
Only about 5% of all the photos and videos snapped at weddings actually make their way to the newlyweds.

Strange, right?

Well, the truth is, even with smartphones in every pocket and dozens of file transfer apps, couples often face the hassle of chasing down memories, with most captured moments ending up forgotten in someone's photo gallery.

That's why I built Kululu – to help couples collect every single memory of their big day in an all-in-one affordable solution that actually works.

In recent years, we've helped over 15K couples (like you) gather all their precious moments. I hope you give us a try, too.
Ella Levy
Founder of Kululu
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